Existing Issues in Hospitality Industry

Who is Anna?

Anna is 3D Avatar specialised in hospitality service, creatively and innovatively supported by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.  

She can be firstly introduced to the guests via booking confirmation, then displayed on the guests’ own devices when they arrive the hotel.

“Anna is a Hospitality French Student of 23 years old. She is doing an internship in your hotel to finish studies in Lausanne. She is nerdy and passionate about traveling. Anna can help your guest on a wide range of request.”



Complaints from the guests due to unsatisfactory services


Invisible facilities, services, advertising interface and promotions


Expensive and difficult maintenance for current hotel solutions


High recruitment cost for fully-qualified staff

What Can Anna Do?

Reduce the cost of staff

Essential skills for highly-qualified hospitality staff:

Communication, interpersonal, discipline, remain calm under pressure, patience

Optimise internal processes to reduce workload and increase efficiency.

Enhance guest experience

Easy and convenient to access essential information

Guarantee a certain level of quality service 

Bridge gaps in understanding & communication

Provide room upgrade information

Boost sales/ Maximise revenue

Attract more traffic by advertising hotel properties, deals and promotions. Cross-sell travel products.

Future proof  your hotel

Brand new interface for hospitality

The only system selling & working for Generation Z

Location adapting, context dependent

Low cost maintenance

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