Fundamental Module

Feel the power of delivering a positive impression to your guests.

Guests want the check-in process to be quick and painless.

All the essential information provided by Anna.
This module includes setup, marketing materials (Flyer, Poster, Video), and Implementation.

Hotel Introduction

& Location

Securities &


Essential Info

Internet Access

4 Additional Modules

Operators & Staff Workload Reduction

People crave for convenience. With Anna, guests are provided with useful information within arm’s reach, without trying to figure out who and where to ask. 

Anna can answer all the guest-frequently-asked questions.

She can present all the room amenities to the guests.

Room Amenities

General Services

Upsell & Cross-Sell

This module provides advantages of upgrading your room and the hotel Loyalty Program.

This can help hotels build a rich guests profiles, retain existing customers and attract new customers. 

Room Upgrade Info

Loyalty Program Introduction

In-hotel Facility Advertisement

Advertise Facilities of your hotel. 

Anna brings your ‘invisible’ facilities to the front. 

This can help hotels generate more business.

Hotel Bars & Restaurants

Hotel Sports & Wellbeing

Corporate Offer Promotion

Promote deals and offers for guests that have special needs.

Your guests are those who mostly likely to consider use some of the properties in the hotel for meetings and events.

Business Services